Results of the 2018 Crossroads Event

Kings of War - 4 Man Team Tournament

1st Place - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Joey Greek, Tim Smith, Shannon Shoemaker, Robert Brandon

2nd Place - The Aristocrats

Alex Chavez, Mike Adkins, Mike Austin, Sean McCormally

3rd Place - Kingsaholics Anonymous

Mike Szedlmayer, Tom Szedlmeyer, John Medaglia, Caelen McMillan

Best Appearance - WarKingz

Josh Rosado, Ken Heisler, Kevin Spear, Ron Ricci

Team Spirit - Unplugged Radio

Mike Rossi, Jon Vanase, Jake Hutton, Greg Person

Full Results can be found HERE

Age of Sigmar

1st Place - Anthony Trentanelli

2nd Place - John Tooley

3rd Place - Jeff Weed